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Brand: Beesline
Skin Type: For All Skin Types A soothing and repairing serum for the eye contour area, it: Refreshes the eye lids & helps reduce puffiness, dark circles & day fatigue Nourishes & moisturizes the eye contour thus diminishing the fine lines Provides regenerating & moisturizing properties..
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Brand: Beesline
A clay based mask, rich in propolis & purifying plant extracts, it:Absorbs excess oil & toxins from the skin. Reduces skin inflammation. Provides a restorative action on the affected skin...
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Brand: Beesline
Moisturizing body soap with honey free of fragrances and preservatives suitable for sensitive skin Botanical formula rich in honey and vegetable glycerin Cleans the skin and moisturizes it and makes it fresh and silky as silk..
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Brand: Beesline
Deodorant free from the fragrance rich "" float "", a new technology that reduces the body's secretion of unpleasant odors and preserves the skin environment, it: soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin An effective antibacterial Safe and effective, ensures purity and freshness under the armpit..
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Brand: Beesline
Beesline Suntan Oil extract protects your skin against the sun’s harsh rays. Get a bronze tan along with protection with the use of this Beesline oil. Get a perfect bronze tan without damaging your skin with the use of the Beesline Carrots Suntan Oil. The 100 percent natural formula and rich i..
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Brand: Beesline
Beesline suntan oil is an excellent choice for getting a glowing tan. This Beesline oil hydrates your skin. Get that perfect summer tan with the Beesline Gold Suntan Oil. It gives your skin an instant glow. This Beesline oil delivers a deep and long lasting tan while keeping your skin safe from harm..
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Brand: Beesline
A whitening, vegetal soap for feminine intimate use, it:Cleanses & revitalizes the sensitive zone’s skin Tightens the vaginal wall & provides a complete feeling of youthfulness Provides purifying & deodorizing benefits Enlightens the intimate area  ..
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Brand: Beesline
Palmolive Naturals "Nourishing Delight" Shower Milk is enriched with moisturising milk and extract of 100% natural origin of Honey and Aloe Vera. Its rich velvety formula helps to nourish your skin...
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Brand: Beesline
A whitening moisturizing night cream that: • Whitens the skin. • Reduces the appearance of skin blotches. • Reduces wrinkles appearance for a younger looking skin. • Apply at night on the face & neck. • Massage gently until total absorption. • For a perfect result..
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Brand: Beesline
Deodorant purifies and illuminates the armpit area Plant extract gives luster and flare It works throughout the day and protects from sweating Free from perfume and alcohol Suitable for sensitive skin Paint a thin layer of it and let it dry before wearing the clothes..
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